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Soap Loaves

Soap Loaves

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Order an entire soap log and cut it up to your own size.

Soap loaves are a great way to make your event unique. Guests can cut their own soap and take them back as favors.

Each soap log weighs 1.4 kg and you could easily cut 12 or more bars from one.

We need 10 working days to deliver your soap loaf order. For bulk orders and customization, you can reach us at +65 91829424 (Nupur).

Directions to Use:

Soap loaves are freshly made soaps that would need to harden/cure for a month so that they last longer in the shower. When you receive the soaps from us, they will be soft and easy to cut. We would recommend that you cut the soaps within 7 days. After cutting the bars, leave them out in an open dry place for 30 days to cure e.g. you can place them anywhere on a desk or a counter which is not wet or closed. After the soaps are cured, store them in a closed container so that they retain their scent for a longer time. These soaps are good to use for up to 1 year.


1. What happens if I cut the soaps after 7 days?

The soaps will get harder as time goes by. You can still cut the soap after 7 days, but it will become a bit more difficult.

2. Can I use the soaps before 30 days?

Yes, the soaps are good to use as soon as you buy them. However, they are quite soft when they are freshly made and won't last very long in the shower. Hence, we recommend a minimum curing period of 30 days. It will be worth the wait!

3. Is it better to allow the soaps to cure for a longer period?

Yes and no. You can cure them for a bit longer up to 45 days and they will become harder. However, if you leave them out to cure in the open for too long, then they will start losing their scent.

4. Do the soaps need to be in sunlight or away from sunlight?

Keeping them under direct sunlight is not advisable. Just leave them indoors in any open space.

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Customer Reviews

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Karen Tan
Boxes of Mira-cles

i ordered a mix of 12 bars of soap earlier in the year, and reordered another lot recently, including a loaf. it was easy to slice, and the instructions for drying and storage were simple. i really do love and recommend Mira soaps because they are well-made, hand-made, and affordable. each shower is special!!