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Aromatherapy Roll on Gift Box
Aromatherapy Roll on Gift Box

Aromatherapy Roll on Gift Box

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Aromatherapy gift set includes 5 roll ons - love spell, pick me up, escape, sweet dreams and walk in the woods. A unique and thoughtful gift, it is sure to please anyone. All natural and handpoured in Singapore, each blend is unique to complement your mood.

Whether you are looking to beat the monday blues, a quick pick- me-up or something to roll you to sweet slumber, our aromatherapy roll ons come in five different blends to ease tension and soothe senses.

Crafted from 100% pure essential oils in a handy and convenient rollerball (10ml) bottle, they are ideal for the everyday and allow you to experience your preferred aroma for any mood while on the go. 

Gently apply and rub oil on pulse points. Take a moment to pause, smell and ease your mind.

Our blends

Sweet Dreams roll on is a calming blend of lavender, orange, ylang ylang and frankincense essential oils to foster sound sleep.

Pick-Me-Up roll on is an uplifting citrusy blend of grapefruit, bergamot and clary sage essential oils to create positive energy.

Love Spell roll on perfume is an invigorating blend of rose and spice essential oils to enhance your mood.

Escape -  An all rounder, perfect mood booster with floral notes of lavender and ylang ylang blended with warm, herbal scent of clary sage and chamomile.

Walk in the woods - With earthy rustic smells of lavender, patchouli and cedarwood essential oils, Walk in the woods roll on is sure to make you feel grounded and take you back to your roots.

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