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About MIRA

“Slow living is all about creating time, space and energy for the things that matter most to us in life ”  - Brooke McAlary

At MIRA, we believe in living life with intention, to fully live each moment without chasing the next. We are a lifestyle concept store embracing the beauty of all things natural & handcrafted. In a world where hustle culture is often celebrated, we hope to create moments of happiness and calm in your everyday life through our products. Take a step back, smell the handmade soaps, sniff the candles and immerse yourself in the moment.

Meet the founder

Hi! I am Nupur and I am the founder  of MIRA.  An MBA by training and  banker for 8 years. Corporate life made me realise that we don't prioritise self care and often take it for granted. I wanted to create products that are all about providing people with little doses of relaxation and happiness as they go about their busy schedules.